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All of the gear listed here has been serviced and is fully functional, unless otherwise noted. Get a free Syntaur T-shirt with any purchase from this page over $100!

Syntaur Pipeline

There are plenty of keyboards in the pipeline at Syntaur, and we want to give you the opportunity to know what is coming soon. Enter your email address to be notified when a particular synth gets completed (this could be weeks or months, as many of these are fairly extensive restorations).

Arp Pro-DGX Model 2733
Arp Quadra
Crumar Orchestrator
Korg BX-3
Korg Polysix
LinnDrum LM-2 drum machine
Moog Source
NED Synclavier II
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim OB-Xa
Oberheim Stretch DX drum machine
QuikLok sustain pedal
Rhodes Chroma
Rhodes Chroma Expander
Roland Jupiter 6
RSF Kobol Expander II
Sequential Prophet 5, rev 2
Yamaha CS-80