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How COVID-19 Impacts Your Service from Syntaur

Syntaur is open, with staggered staffing, and orders are being shipped as normal. However, there is currently no mail service available to the countries listed below.

We have noticed that packages shipped through the postal system often seem to lack tracking scans. For instance, many packages just show 'acceptance' by the postal system, and nothing more. This does not mean your package is lost - please just give it the normal time for delivery. In nearly every instance where customers inquire about this, the package is delivered as normal.

We welcome customers to our showroom, though a city order mandates that you wear a mask.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay well!

There is currently no mail service to the following countries:

Algeria Dominican Republic Malawi Solomon Islands
Angola Ecuador Maldives South Africa
Antigua and Barbuda Egypt Mauritania South Sudan
Argentina Estonia Mauritius Sri Lanka
Aruba Ethopia Mongolia Sudan
Azerbaijan Faroe Island Montenegro Suriname
Bahamas Fiji Morocco Swaziland (Eswatini)
Bahrain French Polynesia Mozambique Tajikistan
Bangladesh Gambia Nambia Tansania
Barbados Ghana Nepal Timor-Leste
Belize Grenada New Caledonia Tonga
Benin Guatemala Nicaragua Trinidad & Tobago
Bermuda Guinea Bissau Nigeria Tunisia
Bolivia Guyana Oman Turks & Caicos
Bosnia and Herzegovina Haiti Pakistan Uganda
Botswana Honduras Panama United Arab Eminates
Burkina Faso India Papua New Guinea Uruguay
Burundi Iraq Paraguay Vanuatu
Cameroon Kazakhstan Peru Venezuela
Cape Verde Kenya Philippines Yemen
Cayman Islands Kiribati Qatar Zambia
Chad Kuwait Republic of Congo Zimbabwe
Chile Kyrgyzstan Rwanda
Colombia Laos Samoa
Cook Islands Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Costa Rica Lesotho Senegal
Cuba Liberia Seychelles
Curacao Libya Sierra Leone
Dem. Republic of the Congo Madagascar Sint Maarten