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Drums - Bass - Guitars - Other

These WAV-format sound libraries will load into almost any modern hardware or software sampler (check your sampler's manual for WAV compatibility). All sets are on CD-ROM, and include printed documentation.

These discs are being discontinued, and will no longer be available once stock is depleted. Close-out prices are shown in red.

Drums & Percussion...

Here are the classic, vintage drum machine sounds to make your HipHop and RnB tracks blaze! This set brings you the sounds of the Roland TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, Oberheim DMX, LinnDrum, and the famed E-mu SP-1200 drum machines! DrumBox not only contains the vintage sounds, true to the original machines, but also numerous variations (reversed, filtered, etc.) that the original machines did not offer. This is an essential set for today's music!
Demo Beat Boxes Audio Demo (MP3 file, 1107k)
Demo SP Drumz Audio Demo (MP3 file, 903k)
All drum and percussion sounds are from the DrumBox set; other sounds in these demos are not from this set.

536 samples,
18.5 Meg
(Part #WAVDBC)
Drum Mania
Imagine taking HipHop and dance club drums, and combining them with other ill samples, such as the sound of a live mic smacking against the wall, or with human vocal sounds. Then tweak these out in other crazy ways, and you end up with some Phreaky Drumz! Use the same ill methods with other percussion samples, and you’ve got hits of a new flava - Phreaky Perkussion! Now add to this a collection of HipHop drum soundz from all kinds of sources - from analog synths to individual hits snipped from wicked drum loops, and you get Manic Drumz. Put them all together, and you've got Syntaur's new Drum Mania collection - an arsenal of HipHop drum sounds.
Demo Manic Drumz Audio Demo (MP3 file, 867k)
Demo Phreaky Drumz/Phreaky Perkussion Audio Demo (MP3 file, 925k)
All drum and percussion sounds are from the Drum Mania set; other sounds in these demos are not from this set.

767 samples,
25.0 Meg
(Part #WAVDMC)

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Guitar Vibes
Guitar Vibes contains wah-wah guitar riffs, bites, bends, pull-offs, and single notes, sparkling-clean acoustic guitar chords, and sampled acoustic guitar riffs, ranging from smooth to funky, from sweet to bluesy. All instruments are sampled in full stereo. Put the feel of live players on your tracks with this stunning collection!
Demo WahWah Guitars Audio Demo (MP3 file, 677k)
Demo Sweet Guitars Audio Demo (MP3 file, 797k)
Demo Akoustik Riffs Audio Demo (MP3 file, 843k)
All guitar sounds are from the Guitar Vibes set; drum loops are from the Beatworkz "Big Fat Loops", "Getto Loops", and "From the South" sampling CDs.

1548 samples,
201 Meg
(Part #WAVGVC)


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