Synare S3X

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The Synare S3X is an electronic drum synthesizer produced from 1977 to 1982. It is much like the Synare 3 but with more modulation controls. This unit has been modded to be powered from an external power supply which comes included. Both 1/8" jacks on the back of the unit serve as power inputs; they are wired in parallel. One of the 1/4" outputs is the audio output and the other is a trigger output used to trigger other synthesizers with the Synare. It is an unregulated output directly from the Synare circuit board so take care with plugging it into other equipment. You may get varying results with different equipment. The drum pad has been replaced with a new rubber pad. The unit is in very good condition and has been fully serviced. We are including a printed copy of the manual because it has useful information regarding any internal trimpot adjustments that you may wish to make.

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Synare S3X Synare S3X Synare S3X Synare S3X Synare S3X