MTI Auto Orchestra

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The original one man band! The MTI Auto Orchestra oozes funk and idiosyncrasies for days. Much more than your grandma's cha-cha box, the MTI Auto Orchestra has preset rhythms with accompanying bass and string section and adjustable tempo. The Bass section, highly reminiscent of acid 303 tones, is playable via manual pedals while the string section auto generates string accompaniment.

This unit has been thoroughly gone through and calibrated and is in fully working condition. Original soft case for pedals is included. Because of the size the unit and odd shape of the pedals, it will ship in two separate boxes, hence the additional shipping cost.

This item is USED. Shipping is $119.95 within the continental US; customers outside of the continental US should email or call to purchase, as we will have to calculate the correct shipping cost for your location.

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