Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with REV -1 Kit Installed

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2, with MIDI and Analog Renaissance REV -1 Kit installed. This synth has been fully calibrated, and all key bushings have been replaced, to ensure years of playability. Aside from a small crack in the wooden right end panel (see photos), this unit is in excellent physical condition.

The REV -1 kit from Analogue Renaissance turns a Prophet 5 Rev 3 synthesizer (CEM filter chips) back to the sound of the highly-coveted Rev 2 (SSM filter chips). It also adds a 2-pole/4-pole selector switch for the filter, and a 3-position 'Q Compensation' switch to add back in low frequencies that are typically lost with high resonance sounds. Click here for a video of the REV -1 prototype installed in this actual Prophet 5.

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