Yamaha P200

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The Yamaha P200 digital piano gives you the best of musical worlds with detailed acoustic piano samples, realistic drawbar organs and world instruments at the touch of a button. Tone shaping is handled from the front panel with Low, Mid, and High EQ sliders, and stereo Reverb, Chorus and Tremolo effects allow you to add ambience and depth to your sounds. More than just a digital piano, the Yamaha P200 is equally at home in the studio with well thought out MIDI implementation. No matter your playing style, the P200 offers full control over velocity sensitivity, for both internal sounds and for external MIDI modules. You can assign sounds across all 88 notes, split them up or layer them, and then save these user settings in one of 24 user slots.

This unit comes with a rebuilt keybed to ensure years of playability. Perfect for the aspiring student or seasoned musician, the Yamaha P200 straddles the line between affordability and performance.


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