Synthomania 2018 Korg Prologue winner, with keyboard
Korg Prologue winner Brent Parker (Synthomania 2018).


Synthomania is an annual synthesizer exhibition and swap meet hosted by Syntaur. For 2021, we will be back to an in-person event, with livestreams of various segments. As always, we'll have dozens of rare vintage synths on display, and you'll see them in the setting of our brand new Syntaur Headquarters. We'll have great pricing on our vintage gear, as well as brand new synths - Syntaur is a dealer for Moog, Korg, Waldorf, Yamaha, Novation, and more.

For Synthomania 2021, we'll again have live music, so you'll get to hear some cool synth jams. We'll also be doing a live version of our new Talking Synths podcast with Sam and Carlos, and viewers can send in their questions about any aspect of synthology.

As always, we'll have fantastic door prizes!




1208 S Business IH 35, New Braunfels, TX 78130, USA

Syntaur has a brand new location, with a showroom that is a synthesizer wonderland. It's a perfect destination for synth geeks!


Synthomania is always free!
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Korg has sponsored Synthomania for years. They not only help make Synthomania happen, they keep the synth world spinning with their synthesizers and other cool toys.

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