Nord Wave 2

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With 4 independent synthesizers in one, the Nord Wave 2 offers endless possibilities for layering both classic waveforms and samples. Choose from virtual analog, wavetable, FM, unison, and sample based sound sources. Nord's powerful multi-oscillator true unison involves Superwaves simultaneously generating hundreds of waveforms for extremely thick and fat sounds.

Did we mention the Mellotron and Chamberlin samples??! The Sample section has 1 GB of memory and comes loaded with a wide selection of quality samples, which are easily replaceable using the Nord Sound Manager.

LFO, arpeggiator and time-based effects can be synchronized, either internally or by an external MIDI clock. With Master Clock synchronization, you can synchronize 4 layers with individual patterns, all perfectly in sync with Delays and LFO's!

The sleek red finish is not the only thing that sets this instrument apart. Ease of use, quality sound and Swedish engineering make the trifecta that is the Nord Wave 2.

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