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Ensoniq ZR-76, MR-61, MR-76, and MR Rack
Sound Libraries
Ensoniq MR Keyboards

Ensoniq MR/ZR Sound Library
Add 180 exciting new sounds to your library with this disk from Ensoniq! Three banks of synth basses, lead synths, and other contemporary sounds for the ZR-76 and MR-Series keyboards. (This disk will not work in the MR Rack.)

Click here for MRD-1 program listing.

Ensoniq MRD-1 Disk (Part #MRD1) $29.95


MR/ZR Factory Disks
These disks, which shipped with the MR-61 and MR-76 (MRD-100 disk) and the ZR-76 (ZRD-100 disk) keyboards, contain the factory rhythms and sequences, as well as a bank of sounds loadable into Flash memory.

Ensoniq MRD-100 Disk, for MR keyboards (Part #MRD100) Sold out
Ensoniq ZRD-100 Disk, for ZR-76 keyboards (Part #ZRD100) $15.95