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Ensoniq Mirage
Sound Disks

Ensoniq Mirage Libraries
Soundprocess Mirage Disks

The type of floppy disks used by the Mirage are no longer available. We can only provide these libraries on HD floppy disks, which have one of the holes in the corner of the disk taped over; you must leave this tape in place for the Mirage to read these disks correctly.

Ensoniq Mirage Libraries
These are the wonderful factory disks created by Ensoniq, and now licensed exclusively to Syntaur Productions. The sound quality is excellent, as is the selection of instruments. Each disk contains Operating System 3.2, as well as three demo sequences.

Complete Ensoniq Collection, all 30 disks from SLD-A, SLD-B, and SLD-C (Part #ENSMIR) $269.95
Ensoniq Mirage Libraries, 10 disks per set $99.95/set

Ensoniq Mirage Library SLD-A, ten floppy disks, listed below (Part #SLDA) $99.95
SND-A1 - Ambient Drums, Latin Percussion, Vibraphone
SND-A2 - Clav, Electric Piano #1, Drawbar Organ #1
SND-A3 - "TA" Vocal, "DOO" Vocal, Male Voices, Female Voices
SND-A4 - Stacked Strings, High Strings Bowed, Pizzicato Strings, Tremolo Strings
SND-A5 - Baritone Sax, Punchy Alto Sax, Rough Tenor Sax, Velocity Tenor Sax
SND-A6 - Steel String Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Bass Harmonica, Harmonica
SND-A7 - Rock Guitar 5ths, Solo Rock Guitar, Electric Bass #2, Breathy Alto Sax, Tabla, Bayan Drums, Sitar, Tamboura
SND-A8 - Cup Gong, Che Cymbal, Crotale, Orchestra Bells, Rack Bell, Kalimba, Wind Gong, Slit Drum
SND-A9 - Strummed Piano, Unprepared Piano, Hammered Piano, Fu Yin Gong, Orchestra Tone Cluster, Opera Gong
SND-A10 - Pipe Organ Hit, Mark Tree (down), Snare Buzz Roll, Telephone, Mark Tree (up), Igor's Hit, Orchestra Hit II

Ensoniq Mirage Library SLD-B, ten floppy disks, listed below (Part #SLDB) $99.95
SND-B1 - Electronic Drums, Orchestral Percussion, Xylophone
SND-B2 - Piano+1, Digital Piano, Drawbar Organ #2
SND-B3 - Low Voices "AH", High Voices "AH", Solo Voices "BUM", High Voices "DO", Low Voices "DO", Breathy Voices "OO", Solo Voice "LA"
SND-B4 - Cellos, Violins, Orchestra Brass Section, French Horn/Muted Trumpets, Choir 1 + 2, Choir 3
SND-B5 - Solo Cello, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe
SND-B6 - Nylon String Guitar, Harp, Tremolo Mandolin, Mandolin
SND-B7 - 23 Synth Sounds on Wheels (mod wheel crossfades between sounds)
SND-B8 - Marimba, Breathy Bass, Percussive Bottle, Tympello, Wooden Flutes
SND-B9 - Full Pipe Organ with Bass Pedals, Pipe Organ Brass with Bass Pedals, Pipe Organ Positiv with Bass Pedals, Pipe Organ Travel Flote, Pipe Organ Schalmei
SND-B10 - Piano Harmonic, Bell Tree, Sustained Piano Pedal Snap, Plastic Hose Whirled About the Head, Carl's Hit, Tchaikovsky's Hit

Ensoniq Mirage Library SLD-C, ten floppy disks, listed below (Part #SLDC) $99.95
SND-C1 - 4 Trombones, Horn Section Unison, Bari Sax, Horn Section, Horn Section Octaves, Horn Section 2 Octaves
SND-C2 - Low Mondo Voices, Hiss Vocals, Breaking Glass, Lagong, Walking Spring Toy, Wine Goblet
SND-C3 - Fretless Bass, Keyboard Harmonica, Dobro, Mandolin Major Chord, Mandolin Minor Chord
SND-C4 - Hammer Dulcimer, Bass/Alto/Tenor Recorders, Soprano Recorders, Bass/Tenor Shawm, Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass Crumhorns
SND-C5 - Chainsawed Bass, Plucked Brass, Choir & Orch Hit, Orch Hit IV, Electric Piano #2
SND-C6 - Acoustic Piano, Low Voices "AH", High Voices "AH", Bowed Strings
SND-C7 - Upright Bass, Sax, Trombones, Trumpet, Rock Drums
SND-C8 - Brass Fall-Off, Brass Gliss, Brass Section, Electric Bass #1, Solo Rock Guitar, Drums/Synth Bass, Marimba/Electric Piano/Organ/Clav
SND-C9 - Electric Bass/3 Basses, Piano/Organ 1/Electric Piano 1/Voices, String Bass/3 Basses, Electric Piano 2/Strings/Vibes/Flute, Drums + 4 Basses, Organ 2/Electric Piano 3/Guitar/Brass
SND-C10 - Bell/Elec Piano/Organ/Clav 1, Voices, Lead/Clav 2/Ana Syn 1/Ana Syn 2, Synth Sounds 1, Brass/Clav 3/Guitar Synth/Rok!, Synth Sounds 2


The type of floppy disks used by the Mirage are no longer available. We can only provide these libraries on HD floppy disks, which have one of the holes in the corner of the disk taped over; you must leave this tape in place for the Mirage to read these disks correctly.

Soundprocess Mirage Disks
Triton's powerful Soundprocess operating system turns the Mirage into a digital synthesizer, adds full 16-channel multi-timbral capabilities, gives each sound up to 4 oscillators per voice, and accesses 32 sound programs at once. Each disk contains three banks of 32 programs each, as well as a run-time version of the Soundprocess operating system that allows you to use the sounds. Included are basic instructions for using Soundprocess. For those wishing to create their own sounds or get into the more advanced features of the system, the Soundprocess Manual and Tutorial offers 70 pages of instruction. If you want to use (or develop) computer-control aspects of Soundprocess, you will need the full version of the operating system (these features are not implemented on the run-time version that is included on the sound disks).

Complete Soundprocess Collection, 7 disks, listed below (Part #SPSET) $89.95
Mirage Soundprocess Manual and Tutorial (Part #SPMAN) $12.95
     This manual is a .pdf file which will be emailed to you.
Soundprocess Operating System (full version) (Part #SPROC) $19.95

The Soundprocess Collection
SP-1: the "Lush" disk
Bank 1: Top 40 - Pianos, guitars, organs, strings, brass, basses, synths, and more - ideal for the Top 40 gig.
Bank 2: Fusion - This bank contains a large assortment of unique synth/sampled sounds.
Bank 3: Orchethna - An interesting array of normal and heavily processed orchestral and percussion sounds.
SP-2: the "X" disk
Bank 1: Helen Wheels - Lots of organs and keyboard sounds make up this bank.
Bank 2: Vox - Exotic vocal-based sounds make up the bulk of these 32 patches.
Bank 3: 4X - This bank is a collection of distinctive D-50 type sounds.
SP-3: the "DeMiTy" disk
Bank 1: Single Act - This bank has lots of pianos, basses, organs, brass, woodwinds, and more.
Bank 2: D-50/Hybrids - Sounds with the distinctive breathy flavor of the Roland D-50.
Bank 3: Perks & FX - Drums, percussion instruments, and crazy effects make up this bank of 32 sounds.
SP-4: the "Addy" disk
Bank 1: 97 Percent Pure - Unique synth, strings, and keyboard sounds created with additive synthesis.
Bank 2: New Age - Pads and other evocative and ethereal sounds.
Bank 3: Colors - More exotic and ethereal sounds created with additive synthesis techniques.
SP-5: the "Turbo" disk
Bank 1: Soul Express - Nice pads and synth effects are featured in this bank.
Bank 2: LP, Strings, Wind - Latin percussion, strings, pianos, woodwinds, and more.
Bank 3: Fini - Thirty-two more synth pads and unique synth effects.
SP-6: the "Keyboard" disk
Bank 1: Classic Keys - A wonderful collection of vintage electric pianos and organs.
Bank 2: Digital Keys - Keyboard sounds recreated from the Yamaha DX7 and TX81Z, and the Roland D-50.
Bank 3: Subterranean - Lots of modern bass sounds, with some organs and clavs as well.
SP-7: the "SQ+" disk
Bank 1: Keys - Lots of wonderful pianos and organs from the Ensoniq SQ-1 Plus.
Bank 2: Synthestra - Thirty-two synth and keyboard sounds from the SQ-1 Plus.
Bank 3: FM - An assortment of FM-synth-type sounds, from basses and pianos to the avant garde.