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Ensoniq E-Prime, KT-76, and KT-88

These are the printed manuals for the KT and E-Prime keyboards. Syntaur is the exclusive producer and licensed distributor of Ensoniq's manuals.

KT-76/KT-88 Musician's Manual (Part #KTMAN) $12.95
     Printed manual is no longer available. This item is a .pdf file which will be emailed to you.
KT-76/KT-88 Quick Start Guide (Part #KTQS) $3.95

Instructional Videos
Learn the ins and outs of your keyboard quickly with this instructional VHS video tape produced by Ensoniq. Sorry - this is not available on DVD.
These VHS video tapes are in NTSC format (for use in the United States and Canada). VHS players used in Europe and many other countries require PAL-format tapes; an NTSC tape will not play correctly on these machines.

"KT-76...Grand Performance" (Part #EVS6) $9.95
Covers selecting sounds and presets, and creating sequences and songs on the KT-76, KT-88, and E-Prime. 38 minutes.