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Ensoniq ESQ-1 and SQ-80
Operating System EPROMs

Operating System EPROMs
These EPROM chips will update the firmware in your keyboard to the latest version. The EPROMs are user installable, and come with complete instructions.

To determine the version in your ESQ-1 or SQ-80, press the Record button, and while holding it down, press the Master button. The bottom line of the display will say "SOFTWARE VERSION x.xx". Note that ESQ-1's with software earlier than version 2.30 will install BRASS1 in all 40 internal sound locations after the keyboard is reinitialized; this alone is an excellent reason to upgrade the firmware. Reinitializing with the latest firmware reintalls the 40 factory internal programs.

ESQ-1 Operating System 3.50 EPROMs (Part #ESQEPR) $34.95
ESQ-M Operating System 1.10 EPROM (Part #ESQMOS) $22.95
SQ-80 Operating System 1.80 EPROMs (Part #SQ80EP) $34.95

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