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Replacement Keys
With the exception of the top octave (which includes the top-most C key), all key groups from octave to octave are identical. If you do not know the note names, you can refer to the diagram below.

We stock both NEW and USED parts; all used electronic parts are tested and guaranteed working.

This listing reflects our current inventory and is updated in real time. If a part has no Buy button and shows Out of Stock, it is typically out of production and we don't know when or if we might have it again. By including out of stock parts in our listings, we hope to offer customers a more complete and useful resource.

We cannot diagnose repair issues by phone or email. For technical questions, we suggest posting on our Forums, where our techs - as well as other users - can offer help.

Casio Potentiometer Potentiometer, for Main Volume (Part #1428)
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Casio Potentiometer Potentiometer, for Mic Volume (Part #7838)
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Casio Power Inlet Jack Power inlet jack (Part #1148)
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