Memory expansion kit, 8 Meg, for ASR/TS

This kit contains two 4-Meg SIMMs, along with complete instructions for installing them into your keyboard. One kit will allow your ASR-10 or TS-10/12 to hold 16,000 blocks of sample data. Two kits will give an ASR-10 the maximum memory of 31,000 blocks. NOTE: The ASR-88 comes from the factory with fully expanded sample memory. A TS-10 or TS-12 keyboard comes stock with 2 Meg of sample memory; this expander kit will allow you to boost your TS's sample memory to the maximum 8 Meg capacity, and you'll be able to load over 16,000 blocks of sampled sounds (8114 blocks in Bank S8, and 8191 blocks in Bank S9).

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(Part #ASRMEM)

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