Power adapter, 9VDC, 1000mA

AC power adapter, 9-volt DC output, 1000mA. This external power supply is for use with 120V North American mains voltages only, and works with the Boss RC-50 and SP-303; Casio CZ-101; Edirol PCR-30, PCR-50, PCR-80, PCR-A30, PCR-M30, PCR-M50, and PCR-M80; Korg 707, AX1000G, DDD-5, DP-80, Electribe EA-1, EA-1 Mk II, EM-1, ER-1, ER-1 Mk II, ES-1, ES-1 Mk II, EX-800, K25, K49, K61, K61P, Kontrol 49, KPR-77, MicroKontrol, MicroKorg, MS2000, MS2000R, P3, and Poly-800; Rhodes Model 660; Roland AX-Synth, CR-80, D5, E-15, EP-3, EP-5, Fantom Xa, Juno-D, Juno-G, JV-30, JV-35, JV-50, JX-305, MC-303, MC-307, MC-50 Micro Composer, MT-32, MT-100, PG-10, PG-300, PG-1000, PK-7, PK-25, R-70, RA-30, RA-50, RA-90, RA-95, RS-5, RS-9, RS-50, SC-50, SC-55, SC-155, SC-88VL, SH-32, SH-201, SK-50, SK-500, W-50, and XP-10.

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