Power adapter, 9VDC, 800mA

AC power adapter, 9-volt DC output, 800mA. This external power supply is for use with 120V North American mains voltages only, and works with the Boss AD-5, AD-8, AW-2, AW-3, BD-2, BE-5, BE-5B, BE-5M, BR-600, DC-2W, DC-3, DD-3A, DD-3B, DM-2, DM-2W, DR-202, DR-220A, DR-5, DR-550, DS-1, DS-1X, PH-2, RBF-10, RC-3, RC-20, RC-30, RCE-10, RCL-10, RPH-10, SD-1, SP-202, and TR-2; Cyclone Analogic TT-303 Bass Bot; Edirol PC-50, PC-160A, PC-180A, PC-200, PC-200 Mk II, and PCR-M1; Korg KMS-30, MEX-8000; Roland A-30, A-33, A-37, AX-1, CR-1000, JSQ-60, JV-1010, MC-202, MPU-103, MSQ-100, Octapad II PAD 80, PC-300, PK-5, PK-5A, SBX-10, SC-7, SH-101, TB-303, TR-505, TR-606, and TR-626.

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