Power adapter, 9VAC, 3000mA

Power adapter, 9VAC, 3000mA, 4-pin DIN connector. This external power supply is for use with 120V North American mains voltages only, and works with the Alesis DataDisk, DM Pro, QS6, QSR, Quadraverb, Quadraverb 2, Quadraverb GT, S4, and Wedge, and Korg D8, D12, D16, DL8000R, Electribe EMX-1 and ESX-1, Kaoss Mixer KM-2, Karma, N1, N1R, N5, N5EX, Radias, SP500, TP-2, TPB-2, TR 61/76/88, Triton LE, Triton Rack, and Vox ToneLab, ToneLab LE, and ToneLab SE.

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