Power adapter, 9VDC, 2000mA

Power adapter, 9-volt DC output, 2000mA. This adapter works with any input voltage, so it doesn't matter which continent you are on. This external power supply is for use with the Boss BR-8, Roland A-88, AX-Edge, DP-900, E-09, EP-9, EP-70, EP-90, F-50, Fantom FA06, Fantom 08, FP-3, FP-4, GW-7, GW-8, Juno-Di, Juno-DS61, Juno-DS76, Juno-DS88, Juno-Gi, Juno-Stage, Jupiter 50, Octapad, PR-100, RD-300GX, RD-300NX, RD-800, RS-70, SH-01 Gaia, SP-404, SP-555, SP-606, VP-7, VP-730, and XPS-10.

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