Sometimes simplicity is the key to happiness, and the Solina String Ensemble is on a divine path. It's a a 49-note paraphonic (fully polyphonic) string machine, with the sound routed through a warm analog BBD chorus. Presets are for violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello, and contrabass, but it's the Ensemble effect that provides the magic. The Solina was originally designed by the Dutch manufacturer Eminent, and marketed in the US by Arp.

The bottom C on this unit is not original, but looks identical except when looking from a certain angle at the front face of the keys. The power supply has been rebuilt and other sections have been re-capped where necessary. The ensemble section has also been calibrated. Some fading of text on the front panel is noticeable, but is fairly common for this model of Solina - see photos for details.

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