Power adapter, 9VDC, 2000mA

Power adapter, 9-volt DC output, 2000mA. This adapter works with any input voltage, so it doesn't matter which continent you are on - just use a regular IEC power cord to plug it in. (IEC power cord is not included.) This external power supply is for use with the Boss BR-8, Roland A-88, AX-Edge, DP-900, E-09, EP-9, EP-70, EP-90, F-50, Fantom FA06, Fantom 08, FP-3, FP-4, GW-7, GW-8, Juno-Di, Juno-DS61, Juno-DS88, Juno-Gi, Juno-Stage, Jupiter 50, Octapad, PR-100, RD-300GX, RD-300NX, RD-800, RS-70, SH-01 Gaia, SP-404, SP-555, SP-606, VP-7, VP-730, and XPS-10.

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