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Ensoniq SD-1, VFX-sd and VFX

These are Ensoniq's manuals for the SD-1 and VFX synthesizers. They are no longer available in printed form; these are pdf files which will be emailed to you. Syntaur is the exclusive licensed distributor of Ensoniq's manuals. Please note that Ensoniq's service manuals do not contain schematics; Ensoniq schematics are generally unavailable.

SD-1 Musician's Manual (Part #SD1MAN) $12.95
VFX Musician's Manual (Part #VFXMAN) $12.95
VFX-sd Musician's Manual (Part #VSDMAN) $12.95
SD-1/VFX/VFX-sd Service Manual (Part #SMVFX) $6.95

Ensoniq SD-1 Talking Owner's Manual SD-1 Talking Owner's Manual
This instructional cassette tape with floppy disk was produced by Ensoniq to offer SD-1 users an owner's manual with an added dimension. Imagine being able to hear the different sound functions that the manual describes! The Talking Owner's Manual includes a floppy disk which lets you follow along on the keyboard the exact instructions described on the tape; it also offers examples and demos.

SD-1 Talking Owner's Manual, casette and disk
Special Pricing!

(Part #TOMSD1)


Download a demo disk of sounds for the VFX-sd or SD-1.