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Syntaur was created in 1988 as a developer of sounds for Ensoniq keyboards, and the company quickly gained a reputation for expert programming and top-notch customer service. Through exclusive licensing arrangements with Ensoniq, Syntaur has kept the factory sound libraries for long-discontinued keyboards available. Syntaur was contracted by both Ensoniq and Korg to beta-test and to develop many of the on-board factory sounds when they created new products. You've heard our sounds in the:
  • Ensoniq ASR-10 and ASR-88
  • Ensoniq E-Prime
  • Ensoniq KT-76 and KT-88
  • Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12
  • Ensoniq Soundscape PC Sound Card
  • Korg Triton
  • Korg Triton Expansion Boards
  • Korg TR Rack

An integral part of our sound business is our in-house 24-track digital HumBug Recording Studio.

When Ensoniq stopped producing keyboards, Syntaur needed to find a new direction, so we began providing parts and repair services for all brands of keyboards. While we still sell sound libraries, our business is now almost exclusively synthesizer parts and repairs, and we are an authorized dealer for Yamaha, Roland, Korg, and other major brands. Syntaur now has a huge inventory, ranging from new parts for modern keyboards to rare parts for vintage synthesizers.

Our Green Committment - We believe that recycling is the second best option; instead, we re-use whatever we can. You may find your package arriving in a box that is being re-used, and packed with bubble-wrap or styrofoam peanuts that are re-used. The plastic bag that wraps your new keyboard part may once have wrapped a Barbie or a pair of slippers. The in-house paperwork for your order is printed on paper which has no-telling-what printed on the reverse side. In short, if we can re-use it, we do. If we can't, we recycle it. We're also working on adding solar power to run at least some of our operation, and the hot water in our building comes from a passive solar heater that we designed and built - it requires no electricity or gas at all!

Sam Mims is the owner of Syntaur, and a songwriter and music producer. Sam spent several years as keyboardist with saxophonist Richard Elliot (Capitol/Manhattan), touring around the world and recording several albums which went to the number one spot in national radio airplay and sold over 100,000 units each. Later, he toured throughout Asia and recorded with Malaysian singer Zainal Abidin, a multi-platinum selling artist on Warner Brothers. He has also created music and sound effects for radio, television, and film, as well as scores of planetarium shows. He is keyboardist and producer for the contemporary jazz band, SnapDragon.
[Sam Mims Record Credits]

Eddie Perez handles customer orders and fulfillment, and Gerald Dentro is the one who will get your synthesizer repaired if you send it to us for service. Mary Mims is the person you'll want to contact for any lost orders or other customer service concerns.

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Contact us at:
1418 N. Walnut Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130 U.S.A.

US orders: 800-334-1288
International orders: 830-627-1530
Product support: 830-627-1530


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