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Syntaur Shirt
White T-shirt, Adult Small (Part #SYNTAS) $14.95
White T-shirt, Adult Medium (Part #SYNTAM) Out of stock $14.95
White T-shirt, Adult Large (Part #SYNTAL) Out of stock $14.95
White T-shirt, Adult XL (Part #SYNTXL) Out of stock $14.95
White T-shirt, Adult 2XL (Part #SYNT2X) Out of stock $14.95
Syntaur Shirt
Black T-shirt, Adult Small (Part #SYNBAS) $14.95
Black T-shirt, Adult Medium (Part #SYNBAM) $14.95
Black T-shirt, Adult Large (Part #SYNBAL) $14.95
Black T-shirt, Adult XL (Part #SYNBXL) $14.95
Black T-shirt, Adult 2XL (Part #SYNB2X) $14.95


"The Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument"
by Mark Vail (Part #BSYNTH)
The Synthesizer
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Mark Vail served on the editorial staff at Keyboard magazine from 1988 to 2001. The author of Vintage Synthesizers and The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B, Mark is internationally acknowledged as a foremost authority on synthesizers. (Oxford University Press, paperback, 410 pages)

"Mark Vail's The Synthesizer is a must-read for anyone who has interest in learning about these engineering marvels. It is a great introduction if you are new to synths, but also very informative and up-to-date for the seasoned synth player."
(Dave Smith, synthesizer pioneer and founder of Sequential Circuits)

"Sample Magic: Mastering the Ensoniq EPS/ASR Samplers" by Sam Mims (Part #BSMGC) $29.95
Sample Magic Book for Ensoniq EPS & ASR-10
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Here is the definitive tool for using the EPS, EPS-16 Plus, and ASR samplers, written by the Doctor of Ensoniqology! Sam Mims has been creating sounds for Ensoniq keyboards for over 20 years, and was a beta tester and factory sound programmer for many of those keyboards. His renowned expertise is coupled with a knack for explaining the technical side of things in a fun, understandable style. Get the inside scoop on what makes your sampler tick, learn what's not covered in the manuals, pick up a multitude of sound design tricks, learn how to optimize your sampler for live performance or studio tracking, learn how to master your SCSI setup, and much, much more. Simply put, this book will greatly increase your skills at making music with your sampler! (154 pages)

You'll find out:
How to use drum loops, and make them match your sequencer tempo exactly...
How to sneak in an extra part when your sequencer tracks are all used...
How to create an Ensoniq-format CD-ROM for your sampler...
How to save a damaged floppy disk...
Which SCSI drives work with your sampler...
How to set up, navigate, and optimize a SCSI drive...
How to program an arpeggiator in your sampler... (No, it's not using the sequencer!)
How to free up polyphony...
What those ERROR messages can tell you...
How to troubleshoot problems with your sampler...

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