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Sell us your broken keyboard...

We are always interested in non-working keyboards* that we can use for parts donors. If you have one you would like to recycle, please call or email us, and maybe we can give you some cash - or make a trade - for what you might otherwise toss out. We're interested in professional keyboards; we don't buy consumer keyboards (Casio, Technics, pretty much anything with built-in speakers). We will, however, take consumer keyboards if you'd simply like to send them to us to recycle.

When we receive a parts keyboard, we re-use as much of it as possible. Whatever is left is responsibly recycled - we keep as much as possible out of the landfill.

Once we agree on a price, we will need you to box up the keyboard and let us know the weight and dimensions of the box. Then we will email you a prepaid UPS shipping label, which can can print and tape onto the box. You can then simply hand the box to any UPS driver or center. Once it is received here, we will either mail you a check, or send payment via PayPal (as a personal payment, so that no fees are deducted).

If you are outside of the US, shipping costs usually exceed the value of a broken keyboard, so unless you have a vintage synthesizer that we could possibly restore, this is not viable.

*We're talking musical keyboards here. We are not interested in the keyboard from your computer...

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call us: 830-627-1530