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Ensoniq ASR-X and ASR-X Pro
Memory Expanders


Both the ASR-X and the ASR-X Pro ship with 2 Meg of memory, with 72-pin SIMM slots for adding additional sample RAM. The black ASR-X has one slot, and the red ASR-X Pro has two SIMM slots. Add a 4-Meg kit to triple the stock memory inexpensively, or go all out and max out your memory! A 16-Meg memory kit boosts the stock memory to 18 Meg, for a total sampling time of over 200 seconds (mono). A 32-Meg kit will boost the stock memory to 34 Meg, for a total sampling time of almost 400 seconds in mono (the maximum for the ASR-X). You can add up to two 32 Meg SIMMs into an ASR-X Pro, for a total mono sampling time of 773 seconds.

ASR-X 4-Meg Memory Kit (Part #XMEM4) $9.95
ASR-X 8-Meg Memory Kit (Part #XMEM8) $19.95
ASR-X 16-Meg Memory Kit (Part #SIMM16) Out of stock $29.95
ASR-X 32-Meg Memory Kit (Part #SIMM32) Out of stock $39.95