Style K11U Keys

These keys may be either NEW or USED. Key return springs and other keybed parts are sold separately (see parts listing for your keyboard).

Style K11U Keys Click on photo to enlarge
Note A(Part #K11UA)Buy$14.95
Note B(Part #K11UB)Buy$14.95
Note C(Part #K11UC)Buy$14.95
Note D(Part #K11UD)Buy$14.95
Note E(Part #K11UE)Buy$14.95
Note F(Part #K11UF)Buy$14.95
Note G(Part #K11UG)Buy$14.95
Bottom E note (76-note keyboard)(Part #K11UEB)Out of Stock$17.95
Top G note (76-note keyboard)(Part #K11UGT)Remaining stock: 1Buy$17.95
Black note(Part #K11FBL)Buy$9.95
Bottom A note (88-note keyboard)(Part #K11UAB)Remaining stock: 4Buy$17.95
Top C note (88-note keyboard)(Part #K11UC8)Remaining stock: 3Buy$17.95
Black note(Part #K11UBL)Buy$12.95
*There are two varieties of K11 keys; some have a large 'tailfin' on the back (see K11FBL in the lower photo), while others have a smaller fin (see K11UBL). The white keys are interchangeable, and it doesn't matter which is used. You must select the correct type of black key, however, for it to work correctly in your keyboard.