Style K03U Keys

These keys may be either NEW or USED. Key return springs and other keybed parts are sold separately (see parts listing for your keyboard).

Style K03U Keys Click on photo to enlarge
Note A(Part #K03UA)Buy$10.95
Note B(Part #K03UB)Buy$10.95
Note C(Part #K03UC)Buy$10.95
Style 03U key, note D(Part #K03UD)Buy$10.95
Note E(Part #K03UE)Buy$10.95
Note F(Part #K03UF)Buy$10.95
Note G(Part #K03UG)Buy$10.95
Top G note (76-note keyboard)(Part #K03UGT)Remaining stock: 6Buy$14.95
Top C or bottom E note(Part #K03UC8)Buy$14.95
Black note(Part #K03UBL)Buy$9.95
Black note(Part #K03WBL)Buy$9.95
Some keyboards using the Style 03U keys use a weighted black key, while others use unweighted keys (see photo above). The weighted black key (the right key in the photo) has an extended front piece where the weight is situated, while the unweighted key is shorter here.