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PLEASE NOTE: While the photos here are representative for this procedure, they may not be of the specific equipment you are repairing.

Important Disclaimer: This information is intended to assist you in repairing your keyboard, which is presumably no longer under warranty. Doing this type of work will almost certainly void any existing warranty coverage. Syntaur offers this information as a free service, and makes no warranties of any kind regarding its use. You are solely responsible for any damages, problems, or injuries resulting from opening up and working on your equipment. Unless otherwise indicated, the keyboard should be powered off and unplugged while these procedures are being done; otherwise, you can be exposed to potentially fatal voltages. If you do not feel comfortable or competent in performing these tasks, we strongly recommend taking your keyboard to a service center.

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Opening Up a Roland Juno-106 or HS-60 Keyboard
Juno-106 End Cap
To get to the insides of a Juno-106 or HS-60 keyboard, you will need to remove four screws - two from each end cap, as indicated in the photo. These are Phillips-head machine screws, so you will need a medium Phillips screwdriver. Do not remove any of the other screws in the end caps.

Once these four screws are removed, lift the front edge of the panel, and open it like a car hood (it is hinged along the back edge).