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Ensoniq SQ-80 Keyboard Rebuild Kit Ensoniq SQ-80 Keyboard Rebuild Kit
The infamous clacky keys in the Ensoniq SQ-80 are an annoyance in this otherwise fine vintage synthesizer. Our kit allows you to eliminate the clacking, and make the keyboard feel great - identical to the later Ensoniq synths!

The kit contains 61 replacement key bushings, and some SQ-80's will require changing out all of the black keys as well. You can figure out which version of the kit you need here. Either way, it's a fairly simple installation procedure that you can do yourself in an afternoon, and complete instructions are included.

The parts to make this kit are not readily available, so we are frequently out of stock, with no idea when we will find more. Sorry, but we do not keep a waiting list for parts. (We used to, but it became very overwhelming very quickly...)

Bushings plus keys (Part #SQ80KC) Out of stock $74.95
Bushings only (Part #SQ80KB) Out of stock $32.95