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EffectsParts.com is a division of Syntaur Productions, the world's foremost source of parts and accessories for keyboards. Syntaur was created in 1988, originally as a developer of sound programs, and eventually transforming into a business which keeps alive multitudes of synthesizers. In 2014, Syntaur began deveoping a sister site, EffectsParts.com, which supplies repair parts for pro audio equipment. The strength of both businesses is that they handle not just new parts from the major manufacturers, but also rare and obsolete parts for cherished vintage gear that is long out of production.

Our Green Committment - We believe that recycling is the second best option; instead, we re-use whatever we can. You may find your package arriving in a box that is being re-used, and packed with bubble-wrap or styrofoam peanuts that are re-used. The plastic bag that wraps your parts may once have wrapped a Barbie or a pair of slippers. The in-house paperwork for your order is printed on paper which has no-telling-what printed on the reverse side. In short, if we can re-use it, we do. If we can't, we recycle it. We're also working on adding solar power to run at least some of our operation, and the hot water in our building comes from a passive solar heater that we designed and built - it requires no electricity or gas at all!

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Contact us at:
170 S. Walnut Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130 U.S.A.

email: sales@syntaur.com

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